Press and electronic clipping  

Press and electronic clipping

Press and electronic clipping

The media have much influence on people's opinion, their behaviour, their decisions what to buy and who to vote for. You could hardly find an organisation which would not like to know what the media write about it, the people who represent it, its products and public issues which could have advantages or disadvantages for it. A number of organisations actively communicate with the media and journalists, but efficient communication is possible only if you know a lot about the one who you communicate with. You need to know which media outlets write about you and your topics, and what is even more important - you will have to know which media outlets WILL write about you.


It is very simple! Given the huge number of print and electronic media, as well as web media, we encounter every day, you are unable to monitor the reporting of the media on you on your own. Especially if the media consider you an interesting organisation or if you want to monitor the media in several countries. We are offering a solution: we suggest you subscribe to the services of media monitoring and analysis provided by NINAMEDIA, which offer you a daily review of media reports on your organisation, representatives or rivals, topics and interests…

Below, we give a brief presentation of the methods and options of media monitoring for your needs. We start from the assumption that you need a collection of published text to be available to you 24/7, anywhere, so on September 1st, 2009, we launched REAL TIME CLIPPING SERVICE and a unique service in this area, MOMENT CLIPPING.


Ninamedia's Clipping Service offers you the review of a wide range of media outlets, including print, electronic and web media, which we monitor on a daily basis, both inSerbiaand in the area of the former SFRY, but also in other European countries, theUSAand other states across the world.


 The key words we monitor can encompass broader subjects or they can be very specific. They are determined subsequently and are subject to agreement between the ordering party and the service provider during the period of media monitoring. Should the need arise, the list can be changed, extended or shortened, and it is fully adjusted to the client's real needs, with minimal ballast advertisements.


Our delivery of information is designed to offer you quick, simple and systematised review of all reports published in the print and broadcast in the electronic media, as well as all relevant reports on websites, blogs, etc.

So we have prepared for you:

Daily reports in electronic form through our WebClip application, which enables access to the reports published on the Internet.

On a daily basis, we draw your attention to important reports published in the print media and broadcast in the electronic media by e-mail, within the agreed time and on the agreed terms, according to your instructions, which you may change and adjust to the needs of your company on a daily basis.

You can choose between:

Reports with links, which enable you to look at the article (do not take up any space on your computer) and reports which includes the articles (take up space on your computer) 

Print or electronic collection of the reports published is sent periodically, according to the needs and pace of the client.


Ninamedia has developed a system of informing the client in case of publication of a media report, which could substantially affect the client's operations and ruin or jeopardise his market position, according to the judgement of Ninamedia. We inform the client about such reports in the early morning, along with two authorised representatives of the client, via SMS.

E-mail checks

E-mail checks represent the upgrading the WebClip. There are two types of checks. In the first type, the user gets a useful link to connect to the report published, which he can view on our website, immediately after it is published. This way, no memory is taken up on the computer of the user of our services.

In the second type, which clients most frequently choose, instead of the link, you get the published reports directly via e-mail, in electronic form, which you can then view on your computer. 


 We assumed that the users of our services have a limited budget for certain activities, which certainly include media monitoring. So, they have an opportunity to subscribe to the clipping service which includes a weekly report on the reports published. This form of clipping is 50% cheaper, and in combination with electronic delivery, it enables regular, fast and simple information. This way, you will be able to view, print and store all the reports published every day and receive a weekly collection of the published reports on paper. If you subscribe to the collection of published reports, you will get a 5% discount on the variable portion of the price.


We offer all our clients a free trial period of media monitoring, which lasts for 10 days. During this period, the client and service provider agree whether the terms of media monitoring are determined correctly. At the end of the trial period, our service is fully adjusted to the needs of our partner, and we are also able to jointly determine the most adequate price option for our partner.


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