Ninamedia Research is focused on listening to the clients' demands and adjusting our approach to their requirements through developed research network as well as rendering quality and timely information about competition market in general, possible obstacles and their removal.
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  • Quantitative methods

    Quantitative methods are employed to collect data from high number of respondents which are then applied onto entire population. The research of this kind is focused on data in figures: counting, ranking, and specifying relations and predictions of occurrences among population. Results obtained through statistic analysis of collected data are presented in tables or charts and they are used as basis for writing reports.More info

  • Qualitative methods

    Qualitative research methods are used for making deeper analyses in contrast to quantitative methods. The objective is to explain behaviour in more details and to provide an answer to the question "Why?"More info

Why market and public opinion research?


The point of market research is to collect valid and reliable information which can help in making decisions as to market operations, planning activities, solving specific difficulties or controlling business success.
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Clients about us

Aleksanda Milosevic, Account Manager

I am very pleased with cooperation with you, primarily because you are always ready to listen to the client, to client's requests and to always quickly react, which is certainly important in our world of marketing. I, myself personally, did not have some more specific requests regarding your services, but the classic press clipping service, without comparative analysis, but I am happy with this part of your work.

Prices of your services are favourable, and at the same time you are very forthcoming towards your old clients, if some old research is needed, because you do not charge us for this and that influences the complete image of you as a business associate a great deal.

I wish you a lot of success and to stay such good associates!

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