Media exposure analyses  

Media exposure analyses

Media exposure analyses

Analysis of traditional media reports:

Overview of the issue, topics and tone on media mentions. Analysis consists of charts and tables, with the option to select parameters, whereby an in-depth, clear and concise insight in media exposure is given.

Analysis of posts on contemporary media / social networks:

Analysis of official profiles and pages includes continuous following of all the relevant and publicly available pages and social media profiles, that are systematically collected and processed to show the results of what organizations communicate, with a reference to how users react and what the results are like based on parameters - likes, shares, number of comments, visitors and other, publicly available parameters.


Analysis of mentions includes browsing of publicly available media and channels for a specific term or multiple terms - from Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other available media, and displaying their presence, after processing, in the nature of charts and tables, indicating tone and theme users use when referring to the term in question.


All the analyses are available in an interactive form, and, if needed, in other forms (PDF, Excel etc..)


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