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About us

About us

Ninamedia Research is a specialised research agency offering a wide range of opportunities for realisation of your business goals.

Employees of the market research sector are specialised in different fields of research. Many renowned consultants cooperate with us guaranteeing high level of rendered services and interpretation of results.

We have autochthonous analytical software for gathering information through various methodologies and a network of 200 pollsters. We are the first agency which introduced field collection of data through PDA devices (Personal digital assistant), facilitating higher trustworthiness of the obtained information and full control of the research process.

The agency has offices in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Ljubljana, which facilitates adequate support for realisation of various research projects, i.e. for good coordination of the network of pollsters. There are two focus studios with sophisticated equipment, in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Ninamedia's longstanding experience and work in the sphere of market research and public opinion will justify your investment. Reliability, accuracy and data control are a must in each segment of our research process. Quality and timely research results are our biggest challenge and task.

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