Computer Aided Personal Interviewing  

Computer Aided Personal Interviewing

Computer Aided Personal Interviewing

CAPI (Computer aided personal interviewing) is a quantitative market research method in which the pollsters are aided by computer during the interviewing process. During the poll, the computer takes into account the respondent's last response in order to decide on the next question and it is all based on the computer software. In this way, control of pollsters is completely ensured without possibility of leaving out the question.

Ninamedia research is the first agency on Serbian market which has introduced field data collecting by means of PDA device (Personal Digital Assistant). PDA device is used for collecting data in the field and it is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) which enables precise control of pollsters' efficiency and location. GPS system provides real-time data about current position of each of the pollsters and about time they spend at certain location which can facilitate successful management over the network of pollsters. 

Main advantage of using CAPI method and PDA device is reliability of obtained data as well as the fact that data input is not done manually.

In comparison to PAPI (Paper and Pencil Assisted Personal Interviewing) methodology, CAPI provides a significantly higher level of reliability of obtained data. CAPI methodology allows the branching of the questionnaire by means of high number of software defined filters. Therefore, the possibility of making a mistake is reduced to minimum, data quality is improved and the costs made by employing PAPI methodology, which occur due to data input and subsequent clearing of the database, are reduced.

Thereupon CAPI methodology can save a lot of time it usually takes for data input. SPSS database is ready for processing as soon as the last pollster completes the last poll.

A pollster's record book is also filled in by using PDA device. Each visit the pollster pays to a certain household and the results are recorded in the book. After the pollster logs into the system and inserts the name of the street and number at which the household is (as well as floor and apartment numbers), the pollster can start interviewing or chose the option "the poll has not started yet" which offers the menu option "nobody at home" and then to proceeds in accordance with schedule (start step) to the next randomly selected household. Each research by Ninamedia is stored in electronic database which includes description of visit results, located in the caption of electronic questionnaire.

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