Computer Aided Web Interviewing  

Computer Aided Web Interviewing

Computer Aided Web Interviewing

CAWI (Computer aided web interviewing) is quantitative research method conducted by means of computer so that the respondent can fill in the online questionnaire posted on the website which is specially designed and posted for that research.

Fast, reliable and precise data collecting is advantage of online interview. By filling in the questionnaire on the web site, the respondent inserts directly the data into database and no additional input is necessary. The sequence and order of questions is specified in advance through automatic filter options and depends on the respondent's answers to previous questions. This is the way to avoid any potential logical mistakes.

Advantage of this way of interviewing is the possibility of posting audio and visual materials (images, adverts, logos) on the web site and it does not require the printing of the questionnaire nor other accompanying equipment and the questionnaire has room to fill in the online questionnaire whenever he wants without any pressure.

This methodology facilitates collection of the data from distant geographical areas and it facilitates access to certain target groups (internet users, employed population, etc.)

Each data inserted is instantly sent to the main server which facilitates monitoring, i.e. efficient monitoring of samples even during the interview.

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